Cooking With Cannabis (CWC) is a South Africa based Private Social Club where members who share a common interest in the health benefits of cooking with cannabis infused CBD oils, and moderate proportions of the THC component of cannabis plants, can gain information, share recipes, and experience CannaFeast pop-up dinners.

CWC operates only digitally and not from a physical location. Physical interaction between members is limited, but not discouraged. In addition to CannaFeast dinners, CWC offers cannabis related events or workshops to members, although all operational activities will take place online or on this website platform, which requires members to authenticate themselves.

Members must be 21 years of age or older to access information on this website or to join the Club. Some information is intended for public education while other information is restricted to Club Members only. Club members must login to view restricted content.

CWC does not buy or sell cannabis, although members may have access to promotional offers from legally permissible products and services supplied by cannabis related partners.

CWC supports Fields of Green for All (CGA) – a non-profit initiative that aims to reform South Africa’s cannabis laws. A percentage of CWC Club Member fees is donated to CGA annually.