Pop-Up Dinners for Club Members only.


A CannaFeast is a members-only event where guest cannabis chefs (aka marijuana edibles chefs), lovingly prepare five-star cuisine marinated or infused with CBD (cannabidiol) oil – a cannabis compound with medicinal properties that does not make people feel stoned, as well as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) – the cannabinoid responsible for the ‘high’ effect.

The moderately small percentages of THC to CBD in each dish are purposely designed to ensure that members start ‘high’ and end ‘mellow’.

Expect from the five-course menu anything from smoked salmon, foraged herbs, lamb roulade stuffed with fig and camembert and dark chocolate, blackberry and rhubarb with vanilla créme. Each CannaFeast also includes a mystery cannabis-based palate cleanser.
Note that members are not permitted to bring their own cannabis and no takeaways are allowed.


Most CannaFeast event menus include wine pairing in partnership with wine estates in the venue region. The wine estate sommelier (a highly knowledgeable wine professional, expert in every aspect of food and wine pairing) will describe the subtle nuances of each varietal and how it enhances the flavours of each dish presented by the guest cannabis chef.


CannaFeast events may also include demonstrations by expert guests in the fields of cannabis plant varieties, home-growing tips, and CBD oil extraction techniques.


CannaFeast events are held monthly on a rotational basis at secret venues throughout South Africa’s nine provinces. Venue formats and locations vary from pop-up marques at wine estates, game reserves, and foraging farms, to boutique guesthouses and hotel roof bars.

Cooking With Cannabis Club (CWC) members are notified about monthly CannaFeast event formats, menus, and per-head pricing via newsletter and/or email and/or WhatsApp Group chat at least two weeks prior to the event and receive directions to the venue on the night.

To ensure that members do not need to get behind the wheel and drive to or from a venue, CWC recommends that members book a sober drive home through Good Fellas. Alternately, CWC may pre-negotiate preferential member-only overnight rates at, or near, the venue location.